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8 Channel colour splitter
8 channel display in one screen (not only dual-page display)

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  • 8 Channel, Real Time Video with Time/Date Display & Record
  • Real time refresh for 'live' viewing
  • Switches to full screen once motion detected with audible alarm
  • Easy to use - plug & play with remote control
  • 8 channel display in one screen (not like the most of models in the market  with only dual-page display )
  • Multi-function monitoring with remote control-Freeze Frame, Zoom and Picture in Picture, Unique 2 pictures split feature
  • Supplied with 12VDC regulated power adaptor

A professional quality 8 Channel Colour splitter that accepts up to 8 camera inputs via BNC connections. It will display the camera images in sequence or a 8-way split picture. It cleverly detects any unused inputs and bypasses the blank screen. Unit features twin BNC outputs for connection to a monitor and a time lapse VCR or Digital Video Recorder, allowing all camera video to be viewed and recorded together on a single TV/CCTV Monitor/Video as a colour split screen image. Housed in a slimline metal case.







Video Standard50 fields/second (PAL)
Frame Rate25fps (PAL)
Horizontal Resolution720×480 (PAL)
Video Input 8 BNC connector, 1.0Vp-p 75Ω BNC for camera input; 1 BNC connector, 1.0Vp-p 75Ω BNC for VCR input
Video Output 2 BNC connector, 1.0Vp-p 75Ω BNC for monitor & VCR output
Alarm Input4CHDC + 5VorTTL, Active High/Low input, each camera mates a connector input
Alarm Output1 ch programmable as normally open or normally close
Alarm Duration0-99 seconds
Alarm ModeVideo Loss Alarm, Outer trigger alarm, Motion detection alarm
Display ModeFullscreen, Zoom, 2 pictures, 4 pictures, 8 pictures, PIP, Auto-sequence
ControlButton & Remote Control
Power SupplyDC12V 1000mA
Net Weight0.95 KG
Ambient Temperature-30℃ ~ 60℃
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