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Bosch Solution Alarm System-880 Kits-3 sensors
Ultima 880 Kits includes everything you need, buy together and save! Blue line detector

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Download Brochure, User's manual /img/upload/File/pdf/Bosch Sulotion CC408_Operators Manual.pdf

The Solution 880 security system is an electronic surveillance system suitable for any home or business needs.

Solution 880 Kits includes everything you need, buy together and save!

System includes:
Bosch Solution 8 Sector Alarm Panel X1
Bosch LCD keypad X1
Bosch Blue line Quad Passive Infrared PIR X3

Blue Strobe light X1
Siren Cove X1
Siren horn X1
Siren internal X1
12V 7AHr SLA rechargeable battery X1
Plug pack power supply X1

The CC408 Solution 880 Control Panel uses the very latest in microprocessor technology to provide superior reliability and performance. Eight fully programmable zones and a long list of other features provide convenience and adaptability.

Eight programmable user codes and eight radio remote user codes
Up to eight user codes (User Codes 1-8) and an additional eight radio user codes (User Codes 9-16) may be programmed to operate the system. For security, only the Master Code holder can add or change other system user codes including the Master Code itself.
Two Partitions
The Solution 880 control panel can be partitioned or split into two individual areas. Both areas can be operated from one Master Partitioned codepad or from separate area addressable codepads.
Three Arming Modes
The system can be armed in any of three modes:
AWAY Mode: Arms the entire system.
STAY Mode 1: Arms all zones except those programmed by the installer to be automatically isolated.
STAY Mode 2: Arms all zones except those programmed by the Master Code holder to be automatically isolated.
Remote arming
This feature allows the system to be armed from any remote location via the telephone. For obvious security reasons, the system cannot be disarmed using this method. A touch-tone telephone is required to use this feature. For this feature to operate, it must be programmed at installation.
Day alarm
Day alarm allows a combination of zones to be monitored during the disarmed state by beeping the codepad buzzer. An example of a day alarm would be the front door of a shop that has a pressure mat or electronic beam that customers activate as they enter to and from the shop. As the customers walk onto the pressure mat or break the electronic beam, the codepad buzzer will beep. Zones 1-4 can be programmed at installation to operate for day alarm.
Duress alarm
A codepad duress alarm is used as a silent hold-up alarm. A duress alarm is only useful if the system is programmed to report to a monitoring station or pocket pager as domestic reporting (i.e. mobile phone, etc) can't decipher which type of alarm has occurred.
Code Pad Tamper alarm
Code pad tamper restricts the number of times an invalid user code can be used in an attempt to operate the system. When the number of incorrect code attempts equals the number programmed at installation, the system will activate an alarm condition and if reporting back to a security monitoring station, the system will send an access denied report.
Choice of End-Of-Line (EOL) resistor value
The control panel has the ability to be programmed for different values of EOL resistors. This is a global parameter and affects all four zones simultaneously. It gives the ability to fit the Solution 880 Control Panel into an existing installation without having to change the EOL resistors. This feature also increases the security of the system as there are eleven possible EOL resistor values that can be used. This makes for convenient panel swap-out to add to the flexibility of the Solution range of products.
Built-in telephone line fail monitor
A telephone line fault will register when the system detects that the telephone line has been disconnected from the control panel. The system can be programmed to sound if the telephone line is cut whilst the panel is armed.
Dynamic battery testing
The system automatically performs a battery test every 4 hours and also every time you arm the system. A low battery fault will register when the system detects a low capacity back-up battery.
AC Fail and System Fault Indicators
If a fault occurs, the FAULT or MAINS indicator will flash and the codepad will beep once ever minute.
Event memory recall
This function allows replay of the last forty events that occurred to the system. The event memory history will replay all alarms and arming/disarming of the system in AWAY Mode, STAY Mode 1 and STAY Mode 2. However, the system cannot differentiate between arming the system in STAY Mode 1 or STAY Mode 2.
Telco arm/disarm sequence (Call Forwarding)
This feature is only available if the call-forward option is available from the telecommunications provider. It allows programming of the Call Forward -Immediate On sequence or Call Forward -No Answer sequence that will automatically operate when the system is armed in the AWAY Mode.
Upload/download programmable-Note: the examples given below are only applicable to Australia.
Call Forward -Immediate On: This feature redirects all incoming calls to another number anywhere in Australia, including mobiles, pagers and answering services. When Call Forward -Immediate On is turned on, the telephone that was originally called will not ring.
Call Forward -No Answer: This feature redirects all incoming calls to another number anywhere in Australia when the telephone that was originally called is not answered within 20 seconds. Outgoing calls can still be made from the original telephone.

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